Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Green Hell

watching the strippers
with IV bruises
and black meth-hole eyes
lifting dollars
from the mouths of bikers
with their clenched
ass cheeks

some kid has a seizure
and fearful of the law
the bikers toss his ass out
for the bums to strip bare
and the coyotes to eat

in the toilets
the stink of poppers, sex,
bleach, cocaine fumes
and shit:
shoveling Riverside speed
into bleeding nostrils with Randal
who lives on neon-diesel
belched from motorcycles
that roar past LAPD prowl cars

Randal, dear dead Randal
Who introduced me to Green Hell
where the drunks flash teeth
and barely concealed blades,
and the daylight
seems like some distant
mysterious and forgotten
Tony O'Neill

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