Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Walked With The Colonel

"Your poem is beautiful. Thanks. God bless, Your friend Reg Kray" -in a letter of 11 April 1995

I walked with the Colonel the other day
Down the Roman Road.
What can I say?
Thousands and thousands turned out to see
A sight that was touching in majesty.
So many were crowded around the hearse
That I had to put it all down in verse.
There were so many limos and so many flowers
And so many people who'd waited for hours!
The sun come out, we had lovely weather,
Just like dozens of funerals all mixed up together,
But then Ron was a match for a dozen men.
We shan't ever look on his like again.

Through the crowds I caught sight of Reg's face
In the car behind on his way to the place
Where his brother would lie with his kith and his kin.
As the vicar said, it would be a sin
To judge his deeds: that's for God to do.
Let's think instead of a heart that's true,
And mourn his passing and tributes bring
And gladden our hearts as his soul takes wing.
We'll meet him again in a better place,
And all laugh together as we embrace.

But for now he's a king who is taking his rest,
And in Bethnal Green he will always be blessed.
And the day that God calls me to be with him then
I'll be honoured to walk with the Colonel again.

Mark Chivers

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