Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Tail Of The Boat And The Bird

King Rock wondered what he what he would do
The girl he loved was so skinless and boo
And lo he sat down by the light of the full moon
Made a mask from the wings of a jay blue

The birds face was carved from the lightest silver
And he fastened it with redemption and a desire to heal her
And he’d found the blackblue wings rotting in the woods
It's eyes were two black realities and they saw it was good
Oh he knelt down and stared into the black water
And he whispered a sweet song there to protect her

The girl lived in swamp city with a pack of hyenas
And sure they were bloodthirsty for something she had in her
She could tell of other worlds with a flick of her tongue
And her dreamy worlds flew in words like a bullet from a gun
Those vampirous creatures well they couldn’t get enough
So came the eve of the night of All Hallows
And the swampy streets filled with ghosts and ghouls and weird animals
Now was the time for the girl to wear her mask
and tell them a story which they’d be scared to ask.
Her tail was so bright that night dwellers went blind
And the lasses and fellers that had lived so fake and unkind
Well they still couldn’t vision the truth in their minds
And the girl she just scared them
they went home to get high.

Then the girl came possessed by a strange frequency
Ended up in her stilettos in the gutter crawling around on her knees
She spread her wings out and squawked about like a blue jay
And people said she lost her mind, they’d always predicted this day
She put the mask on the head of her black haired brother
and he too squawked around in the gutter
He got his dick out and he battled the demons with the babble he uttered
And suddenly the mask was nowhere to be seen

Oh what came out of her throat ?
what came out of her throat ?
But the King Rock found her and whisked her away on a boat
How they fell down surrounded by black water
They disappeared down a well of dreams
All the birds flew in the dark skies of their entwined minds
And suddenly everything was how it should be

How he loved her and all the love made her cry
For she had only known true love that was born to die
Oh she loved him he was her king
and on that boat sailin
She swore that she’d give her blood to love and protect him
And they'd sail away for a year and a day

Beatrice Brown

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