Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Tail Of Ziggy Bitch

It takes a strong shoulder to carry a dead man cross the river
I wonder if that bitch will ever know what hit her
Trying times and the crimes of creation
The reaper beckons to her, her trains in the station
She spent her whole life chained up
But she walked with her head high
She evened learnt to heal in a new life
Breeding brindle bitch called Ziggy
Shake her mane like a lion why
She sho izza preddy big bitch
Ferocious nose
Throw a crow into a black hole
Ziggy Ziggy my Ziggy
Back in the days of the car yard life was hard
Those fuckers made her a mother on the day she could start
Put a chain around her neck and there it kept her
Birthing the finest fightin dogs in the east end, Haramy, the kingthief, demon and maybe sixty others
She was the reason why so many dogs in hackney have sisters an brothers
Her gaolers weren’t stupid making four hundred quid a puppy
Playing cupid, with my dead ridgeback bitch and Turkish mastiffs
coz its with the seeds of illegal breeds like that is where the cash is

One day she done got sick and this is the worst thing
They left her there to die chained to a wheelie bin
I found her on a vivid morning in December it was freezing
Blood was the colour of the puddle she was in
The moment Ziggy and I locked eyes I realized
That this was my dog and together we’d survive
You see life had dealt me a few hard tricks too
There was a boy I loved but he’d passed through
And it was really cool to be able to love another living thing
And there she was I’d found her so I undid her chains

And said ‘Girl I’m Taking You’

Oh yeah that day just happen to be my birthday too.
Ziggy my ziggy My bitch
The toughest damn Dog in the whole of Whoreditch
That dog stayed by side for a year of time

She saved my life in return when one night I almost died
Curled in ball going cold by the lap of the grim reaper
She brought me back by licking me, my souls canine keeper.
We’d go running up the marshes every morning
Chasing balls and sticks just like a TV story
The love I felt for her well there was oodles
Even on the day she bit the head off a poodle
And once a week I’d buy her bones and pigs heart
which she chommed in one go

We’d go to parties on Saturday and be the stars of the show
She left this earth fast on last year on December 31st
Hit by a jag by some ass hole that’s what felt the worst
Buried by my husband King Rock he was shocked
But I can’t think of someone more fit too take my bitch across the styx
And now I’d like to take some time in Ziggy’s memory
The bitch I rescued who then rescued me

Ziggy Ziggy RIP

OH Ziggys Bones Ziggy Bones Ziggy Bones.
Throw a crow into a black hole.
Beatrice Brown

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