Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Virtuous Chain Letter


This paper has been sent for your perusal. The original is in Bethnal Green London. It has been around the world thirteen times. Now the luck has been sent to you. You will be blessed with so much good fortune within four days of receiving this letter, but only if you read it carefully, act on its advice, and send it on to twenty people. This letter must leave your hands within ninety-six hours. DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN.

This is not a joke. You WILL receive good luck. Do not send money. Money contaminates all who touch it. Sell your car. Sell your television. With the proceeds hold a party for your friends.

Sell your car and walk your child to and from school. It is better for you both. You can talk. It is better for your neighbourhood as well.

Sell your television. Time spent watching television is lost time. You cannot even remember what you saw on television six months ago. You will want those hours back when you are dying. Learn to play the guitar or read a book instead. Better still laugh with your family and friends.

Sell your mobile phone. On no account let your children have one. The mobile phone is a fraud imposed on you by rich men. You do not need a mobile phone. You never needed one. Over the years you and your children will give rich men thousands because of it. No one ever said anything worth saying into a mobile phone. Speak directly to those around you instead. We all need times when no one can reach us.

Sell your computer. The computer is an even greater fraud. It can do nothing for you at home and it is a way of controlling you at work. ON NO ACCOUNT GIVE A COMPUTER OR COMPUTER GAME TO YOUR CHILDREN. No child ever learnt how to play with other children, and to laugh and joke, from a computer. Children should be running around the playground with their friends, but they are hypnotised in front of a flickering screen for hours and hours instead. Is this really what you want for your children?

Your children are fat, greedy and insolent because you always let them have what they want. When you buy them an expensive toy because the other children at school all have one all you are doing is making rich men richer and your family poorer. You are doing big business's work for it by training your child to be a fat little consumer. Just like you.

Do not support sports teams. Watching sport is bad for your soul. It is bad luck to will weakness on anyone and you will weakness on the opponents of your team every week. You laugh as they cry. There is no link between the team you think is yours and you. It is all a fraud to make rich men richer. Do not play sport and do not support sports teams. Dance instead.

All advertising is lying. Fight these lies whenever and wherever you can. Turn all the bags you get from shops inside out, or better still take your own bag with you. Why would you want to be a walking billboard? Buy from small shops rather than large ones. The biggest companies are richer than many nations. Big business is a force for evil in this world. Big business corrupts. The people who opposed the building of a nuclear power station ended up working there and defending it because it put bread on their family's table. Do not allow this to happen to you.

Never divide the world into winners and losers. The only winners are those who love and are loved, those who laugh with their family and friends. The only losers are those who think others are losers because they are poor. Forget about money. Just try to be happy and to make others happy by kind acts. People will remember you for what you are and not for what you have.

Be polite at all times. Be kind. Do good quietly. Loud brash boasters are vulgar. Goodness cannot bring you luck, but it will bring you happiness and peace of mind. Do as I say not as I do.

YOU MUST SEND TWENTY COPIES OF THIS LETTER WITHIN FOUR DAYS. The chain comes from Bologna Italy and was written by Marco. See what happens. Within four days you will feel the change occurring. This is true! YOU MUST NOT BREAK THE CHAIN.

NOTE THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. Zachary Ryder a bookshop owner in Lancaster England received this letter and ignored it. He died rich and unhappy. James Forster of Auckland New Zealand received this letter and acted on it. He now has great joy always. Andrew Morton threw this letter away. He now wishes he had not done so. Jean Macdonald of Nottingham England received this letter and took it as a threat. She now cries at the very thought of it. Neal Winterburn died in the most excruciating pain after ignoring this letter. But he would have died that way anyway.




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