Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We Are Gods

A bird woke me at 4:39am. It's song was beautiful but very loud.

Why do so many people believe they are right and it is right what they believe?


Break down the two words, what do they both mean? Both change as we mature and grow. The boundaries on either extremity are set by an individual’s conscience or by a leader of a group, community, political party, family, or religion who feels his/her view is superior to others.

Catholic or Protestant, Islam or Christianity, Allah or Jehovah, Krishna or Isis, hetro or homo, white or black, brown or yellow, separation or integration, left or right, right or wrong, blah or blah blah.
The correct way to live. The only path to salvation. Infinite names, possibilities, philosophies and also interpretations. Maybe yes to all the above, equally maybe no. Who knows. Who cares? All just hypothesis. Each to their own.

Am I now intruding into your space? Preaching my views, telling you to accept your fellow human whatever lifestyle choice they make. Maybe. But I’m not going as far as to say love each other, love thy neighbour, love people of all races, backgrounds and religion, make love not war, all you need is love. Naive, unattainable. Sure, possibly. But it would be nice.

Am I trying to change the world view? I doubt if I will even change yours and I don’t want to, that’s the point. Everyone is their own god and should be free to have their own beliefs. I am going to force my opinion once again. I feel there are too many extremists. Don’t get me wrong I’m an extremist (agnostic fundamentalist). But I would never go as far to kill. War and genocide are out of control, psychopaths and religious fundamentalists rule our world and the fire is continually stoked by the media, hungry for the next atrocity to keep them in work and stoked up.

I have some simple life guides, an amalgamation of teachings and views. One is to treat people as you want them to treat you. I wouldn’t behead someone because they didn’t like Freaks, the 1932 cinematic masterpiece by Tod Browning. In like manner I hope the Madonna lovers the world over will never form a lynch mob and come after me.

You are with us or against us, good or bad, evil doer or Amerikkk, God or the Devil, Palestinian or Jew, life or death. No sitting on the fence.

Have you sat on a fence lately? It’s not so bad, a bit hard to balance. That’s why I sit on walls, benches or on the grass. In parks, in fields, by the canal or river. In the summer, relaxing, smoking a joint, with a beer. Drawing pictures, reading a book, playing harmonica. On my own, with a friend, talking to strangers, hypothesising, having heated discussions. Living my life and letting others live their's.


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