Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Grey plastic Brer
sitting on your headstone
where it comes from
nobody knows

Was it put there
by your bit on the side
returning to your resting place
40 years
down the line?

The countless women
you fucked loved and dumped
whilst happily married
to the shrieking bird
that never let you forget
who was the boss

No wonder you took
so many floosies
when your wife
turned to God
as a replacement
for you

Your film star looks
like Montgomery Clift
on a cabaret night out
were a magnet to
stiletto heeled
canary frocked
big band beauties

Arm in arm
dancing classic tango style
putting your brick dusted spans
round their
21 inch waists

as the green eyed
black haired
miniature tyrant
would watch you in the wings

and make your life hell
until the day you were buried
6ft underground
when the guilt, nagging and
furious pecking
finally stopped
to give you respite.

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