Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Things I Never Told Anyone

Sitting on your knee
In a pink paisley sari
On the front sofas
Of a club in town

As your girlfriend
Goes and takes a piss
You whisper to me
“if I wasn’t with her
you’d be mine’

You push
another tablet
into my mouth
and I feel
your grip stroking
moves on the
side of my waist

The music plays loud
and the bass is deep
the lights filter across
your shimmering face

And I feel like
a whore
as your girlfriend
well she’s my ‘best friend’
and I just can’t help myself
when I stare into
your eyes

They are black
like coalmine crags
from the north east
of darlington
or the banks of drax power
as you put your drink down
I feel the kick pushing
up the side of my throat

You pull me outside
and I throw up all over
you hold back my hair
stroke my shivering back
telling me
everything’s gonna be all right.

But to my lasting credit
I never once touched you
never kissed your lips
dreamed of you at night
but I thought about you a lot.

We stopped hanging out
after a while
me and your missus
and sitting here thinking
8 years down the line
maybe I should have had you after all?
Megan Hall

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