Friday, July 07, 2006

To Conquer Those Who Make You Suffer

Untold amounts of mental and material torture may be inflicted upon one by the evil spell cast out by another with ill intentions. When you are sure of the ones who have harmed you, it may be justified to reverse unto them the evil spirits they have cast upon you and to render them helpless to again hurt you or others who may have fallen victims to their vile doings.

The spirit of revenge is not one to trifle with and should only be used as a gesture of self defence that will protect you from harm and return to the doer the same agony that they have bestowed upon you so that it will serve as a lesson to them.

Begin the spell on an evening when there is no moon, and do not let anyone see you or know of your endeavours. Take some War powder and sprinkle it in front of the house where your enemy lives so that he or she may walk in it or step over it as they come and go from the house.

After sprinkling the War powder, wait three days. Inside your own home, you shall burn some Helping Hand or John the Conqueror Incense each day from the first day. Each evening, light a black candle and under the candle place a piece of parchment upon which you have written the name of your enemy nine times in Dragon’s Blood Ink.

On the fourth day, take a small bottle of War Water to the home of your enemy. With it, make a cross in front of the house and walk away without looking back. As you return home, sprinkle Confusion Powder so that the evil spirits who have been hounding you will be confused and go back where they came from.

On the first day of the spell ritual, scrub your floors with water to which you have added ten drops of Van-Van Floor Wash. Do this every third day for 2 weeks as evil spirits cannot abide a place where this wash is used regularly.

For any crossed condition and to overcome enemies who plot against you, pray Psalm7 early each morning and you will find that your enemies will cease their persecutions and leave you undisturbed.

Do these things faithfully according to instructions and you will get your satisfaction and be avenged. No longer will you be worrying when you should be enjoying peace. No longer will there be tears of anguish but they will be replaced with smiles of joy. No longer will you endure stress and strain but the gods of contentment and happiness will surround you and your home.
So Be It ………………..

Anna Riva

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