Friday, September 29, 2006


the man turned up tonight
in a yellow taxi cab
blaise's friend
a young mexican with a mexican face
he makes the heart beat faster
i sit here
the tv drones behind me
the violins rise
what is this?
whats going on here?
she's on the phone
my elbow slips from the arm rest
as i type
flies buzz very loudly on the tv
he's in the subway
my flatmate is now underground
closing space between us
this is worse than adultery
the only condition was that his girlfriend does not do any crack and
the last thing i hear is
don’t call me again
i’ll be downstairs in three minutes
i’m a white girl
i have long hair
bye she said
she calls
and the door closes
i gave her the number i gave her the number it was me
when she reappears she goes straight for the foil and a small metal cup
gets a spoon and burned a concoction so that the yellow gunk could be separated over the
its about 60 percent pure
about that
that’s what blaise's connection provides
and that is better than in london
she takes it in
deep in the lungs
eyes bulging
gives me
what the fuck have i done?
i’m pacing rushing around chopping lines on a cd box
it’s fine mike he’s with some girl
it’s 1.30am
soon i must be santa
it’s the journey that kills me man
the trip down to port authority
on the 4,5,6
the bus down the slope
through the tunnel
watching manhattan from alien angles
a powerful fortress
you are on the wrong side of the water
i am on the wrong side of the water
and you get pulled past a steakhouse
a holiday inn
retail trading parks
culture is a bold phantom here
on the tv
mr clean magic eraser
takes marks off the floors
erases things that you cannot believe
watch out for me she says
through the peephole
if he's coming up the stairs
i want to take another hit
you’ve had enough
he’s gonna know
you’re already tired
she just blows air at me
disappears into her bedroom
the door closes
i have my back to the tv
my back to the door
there is only one way in
and out
my fingers tremble
eleanor!!! i call
what you up to?
i'm laying down
are you alright
yeah she says
dont worry.

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