Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Flesh Is Weak

I watched a girl drown. She didn't see me. I was out in the woods, just messing round. She was wading across the water, lost her footing. There wasn't anyone else around. One minute I was alone, taking deep breaths,enjoying the natural air. The next there she was. I glimpsed her maybe three seconds before she fell, but then she fell and started thrashing around. I guess she didn't gauge the depth of the water real well. She was really thrashing around. I just stood there. It occurred to me that maybe she couldn't swim, what with all the thrashing. But then I wondered about that because would a person try to cross a river if they couldn't swim? Iasked myself. If you couldn't swim, weren't you supposed to be afraid of water? So then I thought maybe she was stupid or something. Maybe she wasDowns. But. The glimpse I had of her, those three seconds. I knew she wasn't Downs. She was hot. She had a really beautiful body. Three seconds you can tell. She was in the water up to her middle and she was wearing a white vest top and her arms were bare and she was carrying a small canvas rucksack over her head; her arms were really muscular. Plus she had hair like Winona Ryder, back in the day, Winona Ryder kept me awake at nights. I only saw her from behind but from behind in the three seconds I got to look; she looked hot to me.
But that didn't mean she wasn't stupid.Drowning is a pretty stupid way to die. Her bag was taken by the current.The speed with which the bag disappeared down the river told me a lot. It was some current. So then I thought maybe she wasn't stupid after all.Maybe the water just got the better of her. I pissed my pants. I fucking pissed my pants. Can you believe that?

Peter Wild

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Anonymous said...

Hey P, I like the way your stories (okay, this is only the second one I've read) flow so well, straight from ragged itchy scratchy thought to 'paper'. I expect your stories are even better when read aloud.
Rachel K