Sunday, September 24, 2006

House Of Love

Until recently, we were really good friends. We used to walk around, eat cakes and drink Martini together. It felt like being twins of the same egg. I don't know what happened. I couldn't tell.
One day, as I was away, something happened. I saw you standing in one corner of the room, with one slipper on, one bare foot to the ground. It had happened. Your muscles weren't contracted. You weren't scared. You were just leaning against the wall, your hair of a normal colour and of a normal length was touching the white wall, and there was some kind of shit music on, the kind you listened to at some point. It might have been Survivor from The Destiny's Child. No actually it was Dip it Low from Christina Millian.
Your music taste really was something I couldn't understand. Everything about you was so satisfying that there shouldn't have been anything to contradict your perfection. You couldn't be human in that sense. Anyway, when I saw you leaning like that, I was like: "What the fuck are doing? Can you not get a chair?"
Some time after, I realised this was probably the first of a long series of mistakes. I am writing them down because I don't see you anymore and I am really fine with it.

Dan H

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