Sunday, September 24, 2006

Masochism Begins At Home

I just want
to be pushed
up against
the wall
by my hair
arms strapped
behind my back

A five minute crush
down a stinking piss
you ride up my skirt
push my legs
tear into me
deep and hard
somebody comes

I need strong arms
to pin me down
a strong head
to shut me up
a sharp brain
to run rings round
my vicious tongue

Only ever happy
when I’m knotted
by the wrist
lips gagged by satin
kneeling over
the bedside
as you
beat my peach skin
to a red
stinging pulp

As much as
I spout
feminist bullshit
this girl’s never sweeter
than after
the surprise
of a five minute fuck
from the
man in black
Megan Hall

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