Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Last Sitting

Draped in white sheets
sucking the rim
of a tinted glass
drips of Chateau Lafite 55
sticking to the edge
of your purse coral lips

Gazing into the lens
of a rough Brooklyn snapper
you looked inside
the camera’s glass
through the back
into his eye
where you stayed
forever lodged

Crashed out on angel dust
the half light pushing
beams off the floors
you pulled a metre
of dress up pearls
across your neck
into your mouth
as glitter and rhinestones
fell out from your hair

The lines ran diagonal
from the edge of the lashes
skin weathered
taut and dry
from endless dawns
and sleepless nights

This was the last time
you would lay out on the bed
with a drink,
a smile,
a glint from your eye.

That night you went home
to your satin silk spread
sank the tablets into slumber
with Champagne over water
never to wake
- death in style -
an orange cross
scrubbed across your chest.
Adelle Stripe