Friday, November 03, 2006

Wallowing Johnny Of Wine

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'Where the hell is science!'
extra in Deep Impact

Hey you!
Drinnkking wine from the bottle now-
put on some bad TV and a new t shirt.
Give up your wallowing for one minute, Johnny,
'cos the old lady is
putting scissors to her throat.
Blood on her pyjama top.
Now she wants to go home.
Now they found her-
spoiled her plan.
Now she says she wants to go home!

Does she know her mind is twilight?
Is this her lazy decision?
Wants to die she says, scissors to her paper throat.
Is this sanity shining through her grey days?

Lay down the Fist of Light Johnny,
LEDs punching into the corners.
Clip on the Knightrider-Cateye blinking red.
Go sup Johnny,
one time now,
sup the bargain wine Johnny.
Last years Bin 45-
necking it with dry lips
and selfish pondering wonders-
Is Johnny ill if he doesn't drink?

Leave it!
Leave the voices be.
The voices plugging the dream wares you cannot buy;
the voices you know, helpless.
Johnny; there’s News!
News from the System;
an old lady is crying
invisible goodbye tears.
Its death she lays down for now.
Calling with scissors, with eyes and hands.
Calling with immobility.
And Johnny!
You lay drinkning on an unmade bed.

Stop changing your socks!
Your two-tone socks of secret sport.
Stop changing your socks-
just for a stripey buzz.
A logo hit on your soft underside.
Labels on the back of his thigh-
like a 1977 Han Solo doll.
And yes, Johnny, your socks are new.
Creamy and fresh.
Yes it’s a treat,
a dawn,
on your feet,
you’re a dawn against the yellow tide.
Pelted political slick, with the brown rain.
The brown rain falling.

And those lights.
The fists of bright rage.
Anger lined up in dark LEDs.
A bar on your fists in the Corringham night streets.
You used to be a person, Johnny!
You used to be a person.
Johnny nods for four seconds but he’s pondering on a white van.
Forget that van Johnny!
What of the old lady, ancient origami frayed?

But the van,
the van, spoke to Johnny.
It said A.A.H. Pharmaceuticals.
Aaah! Pharmaceuticals, Johnny sighs!
He read…
oh Johnny!
he read in his shrunken paper
of Valium for sale.
50 for 30!
And he’s budgeting it in.
Says they are blue.
But Johnny; he seen them vanilla.
Says there's dangers.
There dangers Johnny!
May be morphine!

You wish!
Don't you Johnny.
You wish you had one now.
With your wine and your English spliff.
Braving your face for tomorrow.
Braving your face for the weekend.

he come begging.
he come giving.
As Johnny must in a merlot aura.
'Where the hell is science' he cries.

Be calm!
Calm Johnny!
Be immobile.
Maybe you'll be amazing by accident.
Maybe Valium is where the worlds end.
That pill that really touched you, Johnny.
Johnny sits, bemused.
Its all correspondingly shabby he says to me with child's eyes.

He declares moments Truly Spectacular.
His screen saver in his inner eye
rolling moments Truly Spectacular.
Johnny - movie!
Only sad dreams still perched in drunken stasis.

Smashed in a room.
Ha Ha,
Crying in a room.
Now high in a room.
You bought the wrong smoke, Johnny.
The wrong smoke from Londons exciting racks.
Lost. Aren't you Johnny?
Buying your boots alone,
holding on in a crap shop.
Your dreams Johnny!
Of two hip flasks and stolen cups under the fire works.
Your dreams Johnny!
You shopped, didn't you, for an afro-comb?
Dreams Johnny!
You conjured in a lucid prescence.
Your dreams, Johnny, eat themselves, Johnny, not you!

Neck it!
Johnny swings the bottle.
Hold tight your bat in the night alone.
Holding your own on the psychedelic toiletstep.
Doesn't know his CGI
from his computer reality.
Or this future
from his twentieth century.
Maybe, Johnny,
Maybe you'll be amazing by accident.
Ford Dagenham

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