Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mac Jackson's Loaded Weapon

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Mack Jackson pulled out his pecker, “This, my dear, is a dangerous weapon,” he explained to Bunny, who was sitting at the end of the bed, “And it is choked to the nuts with lead!”
Bunny giggled, and then wiggled his dick from side to side between her fingertips.
Mac Jackson’s eyes opened up real wide.
“I’m telling you,” he gasped, “Watch out! Goddammit, the firearm that is gripped within your hand is lethal!”
Mac trembled.
Bunny giggled louder before her tongue flickered away at the tip of the shaft.
“Christ lady, I will not say it again, but the piece should be respected at all times! It’s fully loaded!”
Mac’s upper body tightened, and then convulsed, caught in the rush of what Bunny was doing to his dong. Bunny then licked away at Mac Jackson’s balls.
“Ye Gods!” Mack Jackson screeched.
Bunny’s finger tapped the prick’s tip. The cock then shot, shooting forth a small cum stream that hit her left tit.
“Ah geez!” Mac shuddered, “That wasn’t meant to happen!”
He then slowly sank down to his knees and looked down at his deflated prick, humiliated.
“Cunt chops!” He muttered to himself from a far off place.

Matthew Coleman

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