Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Five Day Week Is Impossible

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I awoke, rubbed my eyes, and concluded the sun was rising
For although the room was dark a couple of sunbeams were filtering through two holes in the ragged curtains
I sat up and felt dizzy, reached down the side of the bed and found a beer bottle from the previous nights drinking
I took a swig, it tasted like shit, the beer was flat, but I still felt vaguely pissed, which was a minor consolation
I glanced at the clock on the wall; it was a quarter to six and I was due to start work at six
“Fuck that bollocks,” I thought defiantly, rising from the bed like a knocked down boxer from the canvas
Then I reeled and rocked into the kitchen and only stopped myself from falling over by opening the fridge door with an outstretched arm
There were still two beers left inside the fridge, I grabbed one, undid the cap with the use of my teeth and drank a large amount
Feeling good again I swayed back into the living room, sat down on the settee, and contemplated life
This is what I came up with
The five-day week is impossible, if there is a god he is indifferent, mankind are basically scum
Humanity is a portrait of hell and we are born to suffer, those who think otherwise are deluding themselves
Drugs are an artificial void; sex a shallow grave
Reality is an illusion and everything else is just a drop in the ocean of eternity
Somehow I felt detached from everything and everyone
I remembered when I was a child, how the children had danced and sang
“Life won’t get us,” we screamed
But bereft of any other conclusion we became like all the rest
Housewives, postmen, bank clerks, doctors, dishwashers, sales assistants, drug addicts
Drunkards, paedophiles, wife beaters, refuse collectors, traffic wardens, pimps, ponces
Prostitutes, rent boys, pop stars, gangsters, prime ministers, hustlers and dullards
Death, I concluded seemed the only rational outcome
To the absurdity of the situation
Outside the sun was fast vanishing behind dark grey ominous clouds
I finished the bottle I was drinking and got up to get the last beer in the fridge

Joseph Ridgwell

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