Sunday, February 25, 2007


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When I am screaming FUCK through the windshield of my car
Or pounding my bloodied fists into anything,
The world just makes sense to me,
And for a moment,
I understand why Mr Ferengi beats his wife happily in the house next door,
Or why little James from down the street carries a shotgun to school.
I understand Lima Kahn, mother of four, blowing herself up in a shopping store.

When she screams at me and storms out into the night or
When the crowds in the streets push and pull at me or the bus is late
And my boss gives me one more warning or the credit company calls me up.
I can feel it, I can feel it all and I understand.
When those two kids had enough
And took in their final bowling game before
walking down the school halls of Columbine
I understood and I empathised.
I understand the drunk with the vomit crucified on his face,
I understand all the suicides and all the murders and all the sadness and anger
This life bestows on us like a crown of thorns.

Mark Vanner ft Stephen J Golds

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