Sunday, April 01, 2007


“Where the hell where you?”

Asked my nail-nosed boss, as I come shivering back into the kitchen from being on the roof catching asmoke. Again I’m struck by that thick soup smell which will accompany me for the rest of the night.

“Get back to work.”

He shouts this randomly, make believing he’s caught someone slacking and trying to give the impression he’s on top of things. Really Flintock is less efficient than most of us. I’m at a point where I will take anything, at anytime, anywhere and Carla, one of the waitresses, is offering.

Next break we meet outside the disabled toilet. With a broken extractor unit and depending on the previous occupant, it can be pretty foul. But it has a full length mirror on one wall and a lockable door, so is the preferred meeting place for any employee liaison.

In our agitated state we both thought the other hand locked the door. Our error became apparent a few minutes later when Flintock opened the door wide andstood there with some of the kitchen hands craningover him to see. I was the first out and Flintock let the door swingclosed on Carla as I followed him to his closet sized office.

“That, Behan, is not the kind of behaviour we expectfrom employees here at Renfield’s. You’ve given me nochoice but to terminate your employment. I mean Behan,you acted like a damn animal.”

“All animals are defiant.” I sniffed.

He wasn’t going to fire Carla. I’m sure he was hoping to get her in there now. I told him so and to stick his standard company reference but it didn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

Leaving, I knew this would become another haunting memory. That there will always be bosses, troubles,questions and ghosts and that I would always remember in future to lock the door behind me.

Brian McGettrick

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