Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Cutter

The phenomenon
or sub-culture
or necessity
of self harming
amongst young men is
rarely acknowledged
but when you’re
young and intoxicated
and horny and itching
to announce your
greatness to the word
it’s understandable why
a razor blade or
the shard of a
broken vodka bottle
or a fist to the wall
might be appealing
in the eyes of
someone who wants to
punish their own arrogance
awaken their senses
document that confusion
or maybe just
taste power -
however fleeting.

Ben Myers

1 comment:

notintended said...


There are good, good reasons to leave the shouting back there. Back there behind the dumpster, behind the place where we played 'loud burping' with quarts of Old Milwaukee. "She can't handle her booze," you said. Since I was trying to screw her, I called you a jealous cunt. You ran off, she passed out, and I spit beer at the NO PARKING stencil. Next week, how's about you and me try it again? We don't have to invite the lightweight. We don't have to call it like we see it.