Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Diary of Kevin Doherty Pt 1

Been teaming tonight, bit of manic energy. Got in a panic and thought I couldn't find Kevin's ID. But it had slipped some shelves, was lodged in behind a pile of CDs. Thank fuck.This is Kevin's diary....

This is the best present anyone's ever given me (actually, think it was only supposed to be a loan. Have had it a few years now - sorry Mark). Story goes...6 or 7 years ago my mate's helping refurbish a North London pub. Down in the basement there's a door - it's padlocked shut. They pry it open to find a room littered with betting slips, with a small folding cot bed and a blue Langham Diary 1989. Inside the book is Kevin's provisional driver's licence. My friend tries to work out who this Kevin is, but never gets anywhere with it. Records have been searched, apparently he's from Jersey, but there's no record of him ever existing. All we have is the diary. And a picture of him taken in a booth.

Welcome the world of Kevin Doherty. March 10th-12th 1989...

March 10 Friday

Work 8:30. Sean had his first court hearing today. James Mc wants Sean to pay him off. I advised Sean to tell him to fuck off. "Honesty is the best policy" let's hope it pays off. Came home had a good day at work. Sean O'Donovan phoned. I was talking with his present girlfriend Bernie. He wants me to go over for easter, it would be nice but I won't be able to afford it.Myself & Sean went for an Indian we talked mainly about Sean's case, I feel things are a lot better than what they were, especially with regards to the way I felt about Sean being charged... now think there might be a chance.Came home 9.30pm watched Comic Relief. 2.30am DIDN'T GO TO HALF MOON Shock bloody horror

March 11 Saturday

New Zealand Phil called round at 9.30am, I could have run him over!! as it turns out I was glad he woke us up. He has lost weight and is in good form he still doesn't have full use of his left arm or finger. We talked about setting up a business fuck, we should just stop doing what we're doing and do business. Went to Chas (new break pads) then went to Den's bought Una bottle of brandy brought back chairs we borrowed for the party went to half Moon at 3.30pm and left at 2.30am, was really pissed, played darts, pool, the usual shit.Still have twitch in eye. Sleep.

March 12 Sunday

Den called round with two videos and Sean got one as well. "About last Night", Good. "The Last Emperor" Fucking shit. "Unbelievable likeness of being" Very Good.12 o clock bed. Den was sick three times during the course of the day.

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