Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Start of the Long Decline

You know it’s over

when you find yourself in another strange girl’s apartment

on another lonely hung over morning

with shaking hands

a ruined stomach

and deluded thoughts of immortality

swirling in the windmills of your saturated mind

the girl has gone to work, leaving you all alone

to wallow in self-pity

and dreams of yesterday

but you are older now

and the thrill is gone

and there is nothing to look forward to

except the start of the long decline

noting sadly that those days of thunderous youth

will never come again

the girl has left a note and a set of keys

apparently you are to lock the door on your way out

and leave the keys in a flowerpot

you gaze vacantly around the room

to see if there is anything worth nicking

but of course there isn’t

the flat is filled with brand new mass produced rubbish

designed by unimaginative Capitalists.

Joseph Ridgwell

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