Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Diary of Kevin Doherty pt.2

Been teaming tonight, bit of manic energy. Got in a panic and thought I couldn't find Kevin's ID. But it had slipped some shelves, was lodged in behind a pile of CDs. Thank fuck.This is Kevin's diary....
This is the best present anyone's ever given me (actually, think it was only supposed to be a loan. Have had it a few years now - sorry Mark). Story goes...6 or 7 years ago my mate's helping refurbish a North London pub. Down in the basement there's a door - it's padlocked shut. They pry it open to find a room littered with betting slips, with a small folding cot bed and a blue Langham Diary 1989. Inside the book is Kevin's provisional driver's licence. My friend tries to work out who this Kevin is, but never gets anywhere with it. Records have been searched, apparently he's from Jersey, but there's no record of him ever existing. All we have is the diary. And a picture of him taken in a booth.

Welcome the world of Kevin Doherty. March 28th-April 1st 1989...

March Tuesday 28th. Fucking work 8.30am. I hate the idea of having to work for a living... it's a waste of time; you get paid at the end of the week to be able to pay next week's food, drink & of course bills & debts, so every Monday you're back to square one no fucking money and worse in debt! I made £80, came home and made dinner again. Fish and sweetcorn. I'm sick and fucking tired of sweetcorn and I am never ever going to have smoked fucking mackeral again. Watched TV. Den phones wanting to go for a drink... I said no, so this means I dream about big spider attacking me!! A heavy goods train has just past and has given me an extra crack on my arse. I need money that's what I want. I don't need any sort of girl relationship yet and I don't want one. I need to have a secure financial feeling and only then will I deserve to have my brains fucked out by a lucious blond. Moterbike car debts cleared and a grand in the bank (to pay for the women!)

March Wednesday 29th. (called on)Work @ 8.30am didn't actually get into work until 9.25 Sean was fixing his clutch. He nearly fucked his hand up yesterday because of it. I made £86 account & £8 cash. Sean made £111. Busy day but its the lack of riders which is the reason. Came home Sean was in Peterborough, I had a currie had a bath and went to the Moon had a few pints. Den was there pissed out of his head, he is such an arsehole when he is so pissed came home bed 12.30am

March Thursday 30th. Work 8.30am Very warm today 68 went to Dorking came back in and Mephin the prick then sent me to Hornchurch. I really would like to leave but I would need a new bike and then I might consider long-distance work. I made £74 Sean made £111. Came home, Sean bought an Indian but it was the wrong one, we ate some but it has ruined the week, it was awful. Watched the Oscar awards, Dustin Hoffman & Jodie Foster. Bed 12

March Friday 31st. Work 8.30am. Had a good day. Sean was at court today but it was ajourned for 6 wks. This could be a problem with holidays in Aug. Sean didn't work but I met him on the Viaduct at 3.15 and I had just got a Reigate and a Brighton so he gave me his bike for the jobs. I did 120mph for the first time. Met Sean in Simpsons after work he had been drinking since I saw him last so he was fairly pissed when I met him at 7pm. People do not like James McConnay is what everybody is saying. Got very pissed and went to "Lacage" (Gay night club) with Vic, Julie & Jane who wanted to fuck me (honest) sniffed some amyll and came home with Jane. Fucked her after a couple of hrs trying to cum. I was pissed so I knew I would enjoy myself. She has got the biggest CUNT ever made. She knew what to do and in this situation, that's what counts. Fucked her a couple of times went to sleep at 6am. The flat stank of shit.

April Saturday 1st. Woke up at 7am. Sean came in and got a drink cause he was sooo pissed. Jane woke up as well so I fucked it, "sorry, but I've got to go back to sleep". I woke up 1/2 hour later and did the same thing. She left at 9.30am (Den was getting a cab from his house to Liverpool Street Station to go to Norwich vs Liverpool (0-1) and heard a cap over the radio been called for 149 Grosvener Ave) I had a bath and went back to bed and watched a little TV. 10.30am on BBC1 there was childrens TV: Five Star (a group) were been interviewed by people in the studio & people who phoned up. Eliot Fletcher phoned up and said "I think Five Star are a load of fucking crap" Very funny if you had heard it. Went to the Moon at 9pm with Barry Walsh bycle met him there at 11pm had a laugh but he is such a wanker after a few pints so I left at 2am walked home.

Chloe Raunet

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