Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Gatecrasher

There was a party on Saturday night
I saw the party lights and headed towards them
gate crashing via an open door
girls and boys dancing, shaking, swaying
lights flashing
nobody noticed my uninvited presence
and I mingled freely
while couples made love in darkened corners
and drunks passed out on the lawn
puke and piss in the flowerbeds
syringes in the toilet
a congested kitchen
a girl in a blonde wig ran past me
trailing a large pink satin flag
with the words, ‘Eternity Revellers,’ in silver lettering emblazoned across it
it was a wild party
but eventually the energy faded to nothing
and the magic was gone
Then just an empty house
with a few bodies flung here and there
one boy asleep in the bath
another curled on a settee
a girl under a kitchen table
in the sad hung over morn
I recalled the brightness of the stars
and silhouettes at windows
warm stale smoky rooms
the sound of breaking glass
a girl’s plaintive cry
and rebel yells echoing into the streets of the night
I gazed upon a devastated living room
scattered beer cans, empty wine bottles, and a traumatised cat
somebody’s forgotten coat hanging precariously on a banister
cigarette ashes floating in half filled glasses
vanished dreams
I grabbed another drink
and sat their contemplating the next party
and all the parties to come after that
and all the parties that there had ever been
and all the parties that there would ever be
while the immortal sun shone
through the curtains
and illuminated everything

Joseph Ridgwell

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