Thursday, June 28, 2007

Enfant Terrible - Poem One

When I was younger
an older woman said to me:
“Go down on me.”
She then turned the light off.
It was dark,
I could barely see anything
so I put my hands on her body
and followed its line downwards
until I felt her thighs -
Her cunt was hairy,
its smell was heavy,
like I’d never smelt before.
She opened her legs
before taking the back of my head
and pushing it down into
her thick tuft
of pubes.
They were long and
and I had to search around in them
like an explorer
trying to find a lost relic.
She then instructed me to eat her cunt
as if she were instructing
someone to drive:
“A little to the left.”
“More central.”
“Slow down, don’t rush.”
“Speed up, speed up.”
I then pushed my finger in -
She grabbed the back of my head
and tugged my hair tightly as she shuddered -
this really hurt.
A strange noise then came out of her mouth
before her body relaxed as if she died.
And then there was nothing but silence.

Matthew Coleman

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