Thursday, June 28, 2007


a guy at work asked me how I picked up women.

I told him, "I tell them I'm a writer."

"really?" he asked surprised.

"yeah," I told him, "I play the tortured soul, the guy who
writes poetry. some girls really fall for it."

"wow," he said, "I would have never thought of that. do you
read them poetry too?"

"no," I said, "I never read girls poetry."

"well," he said, "you do not seem like the type of guy who is
good with women but you do have a way."

"yeah," I said, "it's great, but there is one bad side to it."

"what's that?" he asked.

"well often times these girls actually fall in love with me."

"nuh, uh"

"yeah, really, they get all weird and pathetic and want to take
walks on the beach and sit on my lap and sing me love songs."


"yeah, really, so now when I am out trying to pick up women I
just tell them I'm in sales. this way they know I'm only in it
for a good time."

Mike Meraz

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kat said...

nice ;]=~~