Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunshine Underground

There are big blue beads around her neck
clanking up and down
as she jumps barefoot

he leans over her with
a digital camera
taking pictures as she lay
in his lap

his skin, far eastern smooth golden brown
hair shimmers bright in the light
of her delicate cheeks

she touches his knee
stroking his jeans and
downy forearms
in late afternoon shadows

and on this Sunday in June, twenty six degrees
couples link arms
bellies full of food,
I wish that you were here with me

and I know you’re only five minutes walk
away from where I sit
overlooking felled trees
on the way up to Nunhead

and I wish I could pick up the phone
and bring you right here
make you roll in the grass
kiss the nape of your neck

but like everybody says
it’s good to have some space
sit under oak branches
reflect upon you
and the foxes we watched
when we broke through the fence
smoking Golden Virginia
over moonlit ponds

how you wanted to
throw me down by the waterfall
Japanese Maple
tear off my clothes,
chase me round the walled garden
picking lavender for my room

but that was last week
and now I watch clouds
in a sleeveless shirt
seeing your face in cumulous skies

lovers surround me
talking up dreams
and you are in my dreams
and I wish you were here.

Adelle Stripe

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