Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank You

I'd like to thank you

Thank you for helping me feel like a whore since that's what this is all about

I like it

I wanted to feel like a whore

It makes me sexy

So thank you for all the times you've told me to put on my southern accent because it's "cuter"

Why don't I make you a nice glass of lemonade and a sandwich and give you a blowjob?
After all, you did say, "please" as you pushed my head down

And thank you for taking your pants off and putting on that condom "just in case" even though I told you I didn't want to sleep with you

Thanks for helping me realize I really did want it and my "no" was a "yes"

Thank you for reminding me immediately after we've finished that this doesn't change anything, you still don't want to be with me

Thanks for falling asleep grabbing my breasts and then turning away when I tried to kiss you.

And thanks for those times you're unsure how to comfort me so you just have sex with me

Thank you for renaming my time of the month 'blow job week'

Thanks for saying I'm the best you've ever had as I lay there and take it

Thank you for telling me you still 'beat off' to me instead of the girl you dumped me for

Thank you for not noticing the nice underwear I wore for you saying, 'it doesn't matter what you wear, baby. It will all end up on the floor anyway.'

Thank you for telling me that you prefer I swallow every time

Thank you for never wanting to leave the lights on

And thank you for never noticing my eyes are green

Thanks for putting your hand on my ass after telling me you have a girlfriend

Thanks for continuing to put your hand on my ass as we talk about your girlfriend

Thanks for warning me that I'm going to get you in trouble because you find me attractiveI wasn't aware that you couldn't control yourself

Thanks for reminding me to shave my legs more often

Thanks for stopping me on the street at night to say, 'damn, look at that ass.'

Thanks for assuming all Americans are easy

And thanks for shoving your hand down my pants uninvited in public

Thanks for the excuse "I was drunk, I couldn't help it."

Thanks for asking me if I had been 'claimed yet for the evening' - I didn't realize I was waiting to be claimed

Thanks for coming up behind me on the dance floor and rubbing your hard penis all over me until my friends pull me away because you're ugly

Thanks for never showering and then telling me a bit of make up never hurt

Thanks for telling me you have a girlfriend and then asking me to come home with you. I wonder if she knows that you're 'not that serious'

Thanks for sticking it in me the moment I open my eyes in the morning

Oh and thanks for grabbing my hand and making me feel how hard you are as we walk down the street

Thank you for buying me dirty lingerie for my birthday that I can only wear for you and when you tell me to

Thanks for pointing out that I was "asking for it" because of the skirt I was wearing

Thank you for knocking on your car window because obviously I was just waiting for an invitation to get in

Thanks for deciding you do want to be with me after all, but that you reserve the right to change your mind

And thanks for cumming on my face while I'm sleeping because it's funny

Thank you for waking me up in the morning by slapping me in the face with your cock

Thanks for pretending to be interested in my art because you think it will help you get laid

Thanks for calling me just another winging female

Thank you for following me and my sisters into a record store masturbating

Thank you for leaving the naked photos your new girlfriend sent you on my computer

Thank you for leaving open the email where you wrote to her how much you love her. And then thanks for wanting to have sex with me when things weren't working out with her

Thanks for telling me she's just a filler ‘til I get back

Thanks for making me realize that I'm just your filler

Thanks for being a minute man and then asking me if I'm one of those girls who can't orgasm

Thank you for telling me you could never love me but that you want to know what it feels like to be inside me

Allison Papuga

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Anonymous said...

Wow... that was amazing.