Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Breakfast in Jamaica, Queens

breakfast in mcdonalds
african hair braiding
loans! loans!
cash for gold!
how many wedding bands
exchanged for crack
in these melancholy places?

mcdonalds is the best pace
to observe america
that is, to observe
MY america

here no-one cares
about bush or guantanamo
or hybrids or god
or abortions or isaiah washington
or paris hilton

someone is buying
a whore breakfast
she says, gulping
her coffee
and smirking:
"thats only the second hot thing
i swallowed this morning"

the old john
with an ugly wound on his face
laughs his big,
throaty laugh

Tony O'Neill

Tony O'Neill's debut novel, Digging The Vein, is given its UK release on Wrecking Ball Press in July. A collection of his poetry, 'Songs From The Shooting Gallery' is being published this summer on Burning Shore Press. Another collection of his short stories and poems, 'Seizure Wet Dreams', is available on Social Disease.

1 comment:

Zachary German said...

The only disappointing thing about this poem is coming to the author's name, after having thought you had found your new favorite writer. Because you already really like Tony O'Neill a whole lot.

I really like this poem.