Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heart and Sole

this woman
I tell you
she had it all
going on,

she was all
angelina jolie lips,
hips and tits
of pamela anderson
and ass with a side
of pizzaz

her favorite pastime
was hanging out
drinking beer
glasses by the hour,
and her hourglass figure
non-stop in bed-
she loved dick,

rolling around
with it,
sucking it,
sleeping with it,
getting every
inch of it
inside the itch
of her crotch.
she liked it
to banana co.
on the radio

she had heart
and sole,
this woman
of mine,
telling me
how much
we were meant
to be,
and where
would she be
without me

it was later i
found myself
on the ground
the soles of her
plastic feet
walking over
my heart,
when i walked
in unexpected
and found her
with another
the same dick
she abandoned
fourteen months
how she spoke
of him with
a foul mouth

she had it
going on,
and going on
she went.

Anthony Liccione

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