Friday, November 09, 2007

A Crazy Van Goghish Kid

once when i was 15
five of us wanted to
see one of our
favorite bands
who was playing
the arena that night
but none of us
had money
we decided to go
and rob
the tickets
from the scalpers
we brought an
unmarked .22 just
in case
we pulled up
to the curb and
a big man approached
the car
he said he had the
5 tickets we needed
at $20 a pop
the plan was that
the driver was going
to have the car
in drive with his
foot on the brake
so we could jet off
when the time came
i was head thief
in the passenger seat
who would grab the
tickets from the big hand
and quickly roll up
the window as we sped away
i had a small dagger
in the left hand
at my side
the big scalper asked
if we wanted them
i said i wanted to see
he said he didn’t
want to let them
he let me put my right
hand on them while
he still held them
he repeated again
that he didnt want to
let go of them
i grabbed them hard
and ripped them from
his large fingers
and yelled like i was saying
a line in a movie:
"well you're gonna have
my friend was right on cue
and hit the gas
i screamed, "yes!"
as i rolled up the window
we made it through a yellow light
the guy had 5 friends leaning on
the chainlink fence
who jumped in a car and tried
to chase us
but hit the red traffic signal
we parked in burger king
and walked into the arena
during the show i was in the
hot sweaty general admission crowd
close to the stage
and my earring got caught
on someone's jacket and ripped
my earlobe in two
i remember the blood on
my denim jacket
i kept jumping up in the air
to get a fresh breath
blood on my shoulder
a crazy van goghish kid
with a torn ear who went to
any length to hear the music.

Rob Plath

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