Friday, November 09, 2007

Poets Carnt Fight No More

this poem is smoking crack
with underage hookers in Minneapolis
this poem is on a motorcycle deathtrip
through the murdered backstreets of Panang
this poem was written on a beer stained napkin
at the bar of The Gold Room, Hollywood, 1999
this poem is mud wrestling Ted Hughes
and drunkenly boxing Arthur Cravan
this poem is ingesting peyote at a party
insulting the host’s wife
and making lewd comments by an exploding beer cooler
this poem slipped on a banana peel
and died of its injuries
this poem saw god
in your asshole
this poem is tongue-tied, dumb-jawed,
in a codeine haze
talking to Tom McCarthy (necronaught) in Soho
this poem has a mild kratom habit
this poem is carried on an optimistic autumn breeze
with the smell of fermenting summer garbage, 8:00am
this poem just got lucky
with one of Sylvia Plath’s poems
this poem shot Andy Warhol
this poem is in Tangiers smoking a hookah
with Shane MacGowan and Dickon Edwards
“none for me, I have asthma”
this poem is doodling in the big book
this poem is snorting cocaine with Marc Almond
this poem is in love with you,
a frozen moment, crossing the 59th street Bridge, 2002
this poem is pissing in a cup
in Homerton Drug Dependency Unit
this poem is discussing poetry with Dennis Cooper
this poem is shooting dope with Clarence Cooper Jr
this poem is contemplating suicide
at a frigid kitchen table
this poem is shy, in a Chelsea bedroom,
“you use alcohol as a crutch”
this poem was shat out into the toilets of the Intrepid Fox, circa 1996 this poem has bled over a La Rocka suit, L.A. circa 2000 this poem is longer
and harder
than your poem.

Tony O'Neill

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Ryan said...

well done.