Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Couple

In a bar, I met a couple.
He smiled and boasted about her talents
Calling my attention to her talents
Which meant, that he wanted to lull her
Into a false sense of security.

They told me about their deep connection,
And asked if I had a boyfriend.
She had large breasts and was plump.
He was balding slightly, from the back forwards,
He wore his shirt with his top 2 buttons undone.

In their hotel room, with cheap champagne,
He paraded his routine, a strut and plastic
She changed into a shiny dress, light reflected from
The black.
He asked me to strip. Which I did, sweetly.

They unpacked a weekend bag
Plastic joy machines crowded the bed.
I said, I never obey. And chose to masquerade
As a boy, looking at myself in the mirror.
My shape shifting. I was Ovidean.

I chose a crop, and made them both
Taste the dark tang
Usually felt on a horse’s flank.
She was my glove, my seat, my bidet.

Laughter hit the back of my teeth
Which I swallowed back like vomit
If you could see me now
If only you could see me now
You would know you were right
To leave.

Heidi James

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