Friday, January 25, 2008

The Poetry Scene

they are acting.
they are moving about.
they are talking.
they are joking.
they are flirting.
they are reaching
into their bag of tricks.
the women are full-bodied
in low-cut tops with big breasts
and big beautiful voices
speaking of poetry, art
and their "latest work".
the men are dressed in black
with long hair, goatees and glasses,
speaking of the "relevance of art
in todays society."
they are exchanging phone numbers.
making dates.
planning get-togethers.
to them
poetry is a scene,
a community,
a way of life,
as religion is to some
and bars are to others.
some will date each other.
some will marry each other.
some will plain old fuck each other.
and they will repeat the action
and repeat the action
again and again
until they die.
but none of them
will ever create
a lick of anything
worth remembering.

Mike Meraz


Anonymous said...

I read this poem on a grey day, in a grey office, filled with grey people. In contrast, the poem was vermillion.

joe r

Wolfgang Carstens said...

A brilliant portrait of pretenders, Mr. Meraz. It comes alive in my mind like an Albrecht Dürer painting. Absolutely fantastic!!