Friday, May 23, 2008

In Loving Kindness: 20 Years and a Day

sundays were vicious
liquor stores were closed
mornings melted into
noon sweat with no wake-up
the air hurt on Sundays it
whipped me inside my shirt collar
carved a skinny size S
in the back of my neck

today is sunday
20 years and a day later
the air’s cut from velvet
speaks as soft as a friend

in loving kindness
a clean day unfolds

wooden spoon stirs cinnamon
into raisin apple oatmeal
poured into china
royal blue fish yellow flowers
sit by the window near
bamboo plants and rose
quartz healing hearts

coriander cools a hot bath
new striped towels for me
i am the guest in my house
Coltrane thanks the universe
would the sun rise the same way
without his supreme love

it’s sunday
a walking meditation
coffee is hot and
nothing hurts
i’m a 3 o’clock kid
without training wheels
i fly through dark streets
looking for spaldeens
on rooftops
if i keep looking up
everything stays clean

Puma Perl

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