Thursday, May 22, 2008


We walk arm in arm, drunk.
Back from your local, up the
steep hill towards the guest house
half way up. Glazed light flickers
through net curtains browned
with nicotine and indifference.

We pause and take in the tableaux
within. Cheap tracksuits, taut,
full to bursting, rippling with each rise
and fall of the ribcage. A tidal wave
of lard races from gut to face,
laughter the instigator of tectonic
forces. Lungs heavy with tar bathe
in the glow of the cathode-ray tube,
electrons winking, photons seducing.

Despair exhales as droplets of laughter
small clouds of wonder, the human
race in all it’s majesty, resplendent in
excess. Our cachinnation whilst encased
in spite and bitterness is tempered with
our incipient love and our knowledge
that humanity should be more than this.

We walk arm in arm, drunk. I fall
asleep in your spare room and dream.

Garrie Fletcher


Anonymous said...

Working class aspirations can be channelled through sport, music or the arts. Well, Garrie couldn't catch a cricket ball as he well knows. That leaves music and the arts. Having shut The Sliding Door People over a decade ago he seems to have made the right choice!
His prose evokes an image that may sometimes be hard to digest but force us to feast he does. Truth is a very fragile thing to lay bare - most of us hug it so tight we rarely really show it to anyone. Garries stlye is often painfully truthful ( I urge you to read his other works)but never without humour, pathos, love and an alliterative command of language that belies a gritty, Northampton estate upbringing. "Nottingham" may not be Northampton, but lets face it, could be any town in Britain. A great piece of work

Anonymous said...

Great poem Garrie, very poignant straight from the guts!

Anonymous said...

I know those people but in a different town!

Anonymous said...

Great poem Mr Flecter, evokes memories of walking (or staggering) up Mansfield Road. Collapsing in a mates bed, trying hard not to focus on upsetting truth that humanity should be more than that.